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Course Map

SeminarThe seminar is organized for training students in paper reading, material collection and digestion and lecture presentation thus to prompt students
with better skill in academic presentation and comment . Students will learn the skill of presentation and get more knowledge about Business
Administration, MIS and Design Management from the journal.

Research Methods
This course engages graduate students in a critical review of the research logics and procedures, instills an aspiration and capacity for academic research,
helps building approaches to the particular subjects selected and discussed in the class, and develops research projects and final papers in the process.
While aiming at the preparation and submission of final papers for publication, the course is composed of a series of discussion on research methodology
and problem-solving, with a focus on the logical structure and theoretical foundation of the methods.

Advanced Course in Management
Evaluation Will be done upon students" participation and discussion in class, presentation of assigned materials, and term project and report.
Term project is a case study on an approved organization regarding its key management issues.
Emphasis is made on whether or not students know the content, process flow, ad key successful factors of knowledge management.

(1)Operation Management

Strategy Management and Organization

This course is designed for Ph.D. students. The main objective of the course is to familiarize students with difficult managerial challenges and 
potential resolving approaches faced by corporate high level executives. Key subjects include 1) leadership and strategic decision making, 
2) organization structure and corporate culture, 3) environmental issues, 4) executive manager development, 5) social responsibility, and 6) globalization.  Students are assumed to have completed MS level courses in organization and strategy, operations management. Familiarity with technology management,
 market management, and international trading will be helpful though not required. 

Production and Operations Management

Operations managers, ranging from first-level supervisors to senior vice presidents, are concerned with the product of goods and services.  More specifically, they are responsible for designing, running, controlling, and improving the systems that accomplish this production.  This course provides and introduces to the issues and decisions involved in managing manufacturing and service operations.  The main objective is to provide students with a conceptual framework and a set of analytical tools which are useful in evaluating productive processes 
and for analyzing the problems and decisions that arise in managing operations .


This course introduces the state-of-the-art and classic marketing knowledge. Students will in-depth understand knowledge of marketing science.  Studnets will be capable of applying scientific knowledge on various research issues.

(2)Innovative Design and Management

Special Topic of Design Management

Design management to the larger environment of the theoretical framework of lectures, case-study at home and abroad.  And focus on service technology to the development of innovative business models and consumer demand for in-depth insight into the research topics to explore to complete the theoretical framework and practical case study of the first draft.

Innovation Design Management and Practice

This course mainly introduces the theory and method of user oriented and interdisciplinary collaboration innovation.  To educate the students who will engage to the new product development team can find out the product and service innovation opportunities  by macro S.E.T. factors analysis (S.E.T., Social, Technology and Economic)  and can integrate the innovative content and design issues 
by micro analysis of understanding the user’s lifestyle and field of use. 
Furthermore,  students can understand the framework and operation model of product and service innovation, 
and learned how to apply the method to interdisciplinary collaboration.

Project and strategy in Production Innovation Design

The function of product design in the 21st century,will no longer waiting for the product definition from the marketing and product planning, It will become a integrator and visualizer during the product innovation strategic phase,and concerning  to the user's needs. Product Innovation Strategy will guide the enterprise looking beyond their current operation to match their technologies and
 the distinct competencies with emerging the user and the market needs. The contents of this topic will include theory,methodology

(3)Information Technology and Management

Topics in Information Technology and management

This course focuses on how IT/IS are used in organizations to help accomplish their respective goals and objectives.  The management of IT/IS and how IT/IS contribute to the organizational competitiveness will be discussed.  The development of research topics, from theory to applications, will also be demonstrated and practiced in class.

Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms

This course aims to provide students a complete and balance overview of topics in algorithm, 
where we learn about various fundamental aspects of algorithms such as: growth of functions, 
recurrences, complexity of an algorithm, etc. 
We will use the sorting problem as an example to introduce the idea of designing algorithms. 
 Introduction to data structures and techniques such as DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER

 Various selected topics will be introduced.

Advanced Management Information Systems

The course involves studies from the following research areas:
Information Security
RFID Applications
Medical Information System
Multi-criteria Decision-Making
Combinatorial Optimization
Network Applications

(4)Healthy industrial policy and Management

Health Economics

This is a course designed for Ph. D. students. The main purpose of this course is to familiarize students with economics theories and tools, 
and to apply them to healthrelated analyses. Key concepts that will be introduced include health care systems of Taiwan and US, theory of insurance,
 physician behaviors, managed care, health market regulation  and competition, and payment systems.

 Students are assumed to be familiar with Master level Microeconomic Theory and Econometrics.
 Background in Industrial Organization will be helpful though not required

Health and Society

The aims of study are to introduce and lead fresh students of master program to look beyond the limits of medicine 
and the evolution of public health from multiaspect that engage society, culture, economics, politics, and technology. 
This course would cover health insurance, health economics, social security system and health inequality, etc, 
which give students the knowledge to understand health, illness, and wellness. Especially, we will discuss the aging challenge 
and impact over the world. Therefore, the population aging and long-term care will introduce as well in this course.

Issues in Healthcare Management

This course will help students to understand:
 How health services are governed and organized.
 How insurance control systems work 
 How to work with medical staffs.
 Use of evidence-based management in health care.
Students will also learn to manage themselves better with others on team projects, 
and improve their critical thinking and your skills in written and oral communication.