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Educational & Research


The main research areas of the program include public health, health services management, biotechnology and health sciences, information and design management for age groups, and contemporary business and management study. Interdisciplinary research and collaborations with other academic or industrial institutes are strongly encouraged. Our faculty members have been making significant contributions to the theoretical development and empirical studies in chosen disciplines. The program will also continue strengthening research-oriented case study, quantitative analysis methodology, and other problem-solving skills to ensure that our graduates are adaptable to future challenges.


Students in the Ph.D. program are expected to develop in-depth knowledge of managerial theories and practices for succeeding in mid to large-scale enterprises. Also expected are abilities in conducting research work with an international perspective to cope with the trend of globalization in corporate management. Graduates from this program would pursue their careers either in higher education teaching or in corporate business management.  

Teaching environment
 (resources & equipment)

Environmental facilities: The department has a departmental department, a teacher's office, a library, a discussion room, a conference room, a teacher's rest area, a case discussion room, and a postgraduate room. It provides appropriate research space and learning environment for teachers and students.
Teaching software and hardware: LCD projectors, notebook computers, physical projectors, wireless presentations, external DVD players and other equipment for teachers and students to use. The office area also plans to set up a small conference room to set up a number of personal computers and provide equipment for students to practice on the machine.