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The Ph.D. program in the college of management at Chang Gung University was established in 2003. The program has four major goals:

1. Elite professional education in order to meet the requirements from national industrial development and management academic
2. Incubate management professionals with global perspective and enhance the international status of the college’s academic research
3. Cultivate first class seed teachers with global perspective and strengthen the integration of teaching and research in various sub-disciplinary areas
4. Innovate and reform education in response to the new demand for succeeding in the knowledge-based econom



The development direction and key points of the doctoral program are: "To achieve the multi-elastic teaching and research under the impact of the knowledge economy" as the principle and as the basis of the group design process, the key points of education are as follows:
1. Strengthen the connotation of management education and cultivate students' independent research and teaching ability
2. Promote the development of the knowledge economy, emphasize the vision of globalization, and require doctoral students to participate in international seminars and academic exchanges
3. Emphasize cross-disciplinary learning, create an integrated curriculum, integrate the core expertise of bio-health industry, creative industry and information industry into curriculum design
4. Create talents with integrated abilities, encourage rooted training of multiple research methods, and focus on management and methodology
In addition to implementing the school's educational philosophy, the development image of the School of Management is more active in research-oriented case-based teaching and problem-solving methods to highlight the characteristics of the hospital's integrated services, teaching and research. Emphasis on close cooperation with the practical community, promote cross-school international exchange student programs, and integrate teaching topics with research themes to shape the characteristics of diversity and innovation.
Cooperate with the concept of "the combination of theory and practice" between the school and the hospital: In the course design, the school encourages students to internships at off-campus institutions. Through internships, Chang Gung University will give full play to the spirit of practical learning from "learning by doing."
Research University: In order to meet the orientation of the university research university, the research and analysis related courses are strengthened in the curriculum design of the doctoral class, which lays the foundation for students' research and analysis ability to assist students in developing the paper. In terms of activities, we hold academic seminars every year and invite famous scholars from home and abroad to give special lectures to implement Chang Gung University's positioning of "research universities" and achieve the goal of the development of the school.
Diligence and simplicity and social care: strengthen the basic courses of humanities and social care. In addition to the theory and skills of management, teaching resources will focus more on strengthening the humanistic spirit and social care of students. To enhance the educational goals of the University and Management School to emphasize "social care and corporate ethics". The academic and social responsibilities of doctoral students are particularly expected and valued. All seminars and integrated projects require participation in social responsibility issues.
International vision: In the era of globalization, it is necessary to have management talents with international vision. The School of Management has successively established exchange student mechanisms with foreign universities, and encourages doctoral students to participate in exchange students abroad to enhance students' international outlook, with particular emphasis.
Research-oriented case-based or topical teaching and problem-solving methods: Cooperate with the Institute's research orientation to conduct a "case-oriented" approach to teaching case writing. Taking the Formosa Plastics Enterprise Management System as an example, we will compile teaching cases and integrate them into practical course teaching to enhance students' learning outcomes. The teaching and learning of doctoral students is based on appropriate assistance and guidance.