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Graduate Institute of Business and Management


International Cooperation

The college sets graduation criteria for English proficiency. Students are encouraged to participate in international learning events, including exchange students and international conference.

1. Exchange Student: To enhance students global perspective and foreign language competency, Chang Gung University provides guidelines for encouraging students to study abroad. Students from the Ph.D. program are encouraged to participate in the exchange student program following these guidelines.

2. Funding for graduate students to participate in international conference: The Department of Research and Development at Chang Gung University follows guidelines for funding Ph.D. students participating in international academic conference issued by Ministry of Education and National Science Council to assist students with completing their applications. The college also encourages students to participate actively in research and submit articles to international conference.

Funding for Graduate students attending international conference

The program encourages students to take active participation in research and submit their articles to international conference. Students are encouraged to attend the international conference and publish their papers upon acceptance of their articles. Seven students have received funds in the 2005 academic year. 10 and 11 students were awarded with funds in the 2006 and 2007 academic years respectively.

Submitting Articles to Foreign Periodicals

Students in the master and Ph.D. programs are encouraged to write journal papers and publish their research results in international journals, magazines and seminars. The total number of papers published in journals and seminars by the Ph.D. students was 69.

International Exchange Platform

The university has allied with various international universities for exchange. In addition to student exchange, faculty visit and collaborative research on specific topics are also underway to leverage fully this international exchange platform.

The university has strategic alliance with the following schools:

Brazil Brazil University of Brasilia
Japan Saitama Medical School

France Rene'Descartes

Paul Cezanne University, AIX-MARSEILLE III


U.S.A Saint Louis University

Oregon Health & Science University, School of Nursing

The University of Arizona

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

University Of Maryland School of Nursing

Georgetown University, School of Nursing and Health Studies

University of Washington

Southern California University of Health Sciences

University of Utah

University of Connecticut

University of Minnesota


Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

Institute of Art and Design, University of Central England in Birmingham

Switzerland Switzerland Institute of Production and Robotics, EPRL
Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong kong

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2012 foreign top universities foreign scholars visit and exchange.